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package api
import (
// Event represents an event entry (over websocket)
type Event struct {
Type string `yaml:"type" json:"type"`
Timestamp time.Time `yaml:"timestamp" json:"timestamp"`
Metadata json.RawMessage `yaml:"metadata" json:"metadata"`
// API extension: event_location
Location string `yaml:"location" json:"location"`
// EventLogging represents a logging type event entry (admin only)
type EventLogging struct {
Message string `yaml:"message" json:"message"`
Level string `yaml:"level" json:"level"`
Context map[string]string `yaml:"context" json:"context"`
// EventLifecycle represets a lifecycle type event entry
// API extension: event_lifecycle
type EventLifecycle struct {
Action string `yaml:"action" json:"action"`
Source string `yaml:"source" json:"source"`
Context map[string]interface{} `yaml:"context,omitempty" json:"context,omitempty"`
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