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Storage backup import #6522

merged 12 commits into from Nov 28, 2019
Changes from 1 commit
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Just for now

lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Implements CreateInstanceFromBackup

Signed-off-by: Thomas Parrott <>
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tomponline committed Nov 28, 2019
commit 9ba5ef46ce5768b10a15e337fda0990b7466810a
@@ -330,8 +330,97 @@ func (b *lxdBackend) CreateInstance(inst instance.Instance, op *operations.Opera
return nil

func (b *lxdBackend) CreateInstanceFromBackup(inst instance.Instance, sourcePath string, op *operations.Operation) error {
return ErrNotImplemented
// CreateInstanceFromBackup restores a backup file onto the storage device. Because the backup file
// is unpacked and restored onto the storage device before the instance is created in the database
// it is necessary to return two functions; a post hook that can be run once the instance has been
// created in the database to run any storage layer finalisations, and a revert hook that can be
// run if the instance database load process fails that will remove anything created thus far.
func (b *lxdBackend) CreateInstanceFromBackup(srcBackup backup.Info, srcData io.ReadSeeker, op *operations.Operation) (func(instance.Instance) error, func(), error) {
logger := logging.AddContext(b.logger, log.Ctx{"project": srcBackup.Project, "instance": srcBackup.Name, "snapshots": srcBackup.Snapshots, "hasBinaryFormat": srcBackup.HasBinaryFormat})
logger.Debug("CreateInstanceFromBackup started")
defer logger.Debug("CreateInstanceFromBackup finished")

// Get the volume name on storage.
volStorageName := project.Prefix(srcBackup.Project, srcBackup.Name)

// Currently there is no concept of instance type in backups, so we assume container.
// We don't know the volume's config yet as tarball hasn't been unpacked.
// We will apply the config as part of the post hook function returned if driver needs to.
vol := b.newVolume(drivers.VolumeTypeContainer, drivers.ContentTypeFS, volStorageName, nil)

revertFuncs := []func(){}
defer func() {
for _, revertFunc := range revertFuncs {

// Unpack the backup into the new storage volume(s).
volPostHook, revertHook, err := b.driver.RestoreBackupVolume(vol, srcBackup.Snapshots, srcData, op)
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, err

if revertHook != nil {
revertFuncs = append(revertFuncs, revertHook)

err = b.ensureInstanceSymlink(instancetype.Container, srcBackup.Project, srcBackup.Name, vol.MountPath())
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, err

revertFuncs = append(revertFuncs, func() {
b.removeInstanceSymlink(instancetype.Container, srcBackup.Project, srcBackup.Name)

if len(srcBackup.Snapshots) > 0 {
err = b.ensureInstanceSnapshotSymlink(instancetype.Container, srcBackup.Project, srcBackup.Name)
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, err

revertFuncs = append(revertFuncs, func() {
b.removeInstanceSnapshotSymlinkIfUnused(instancetype.Container, srcBackup.Project, srcBackup.Name)

// Update pool information in the backup.yaml file.
vol.MountTask(func(mountPath string, op *operations.Operation) error {
return backup.UpdateInstanceConfigStoragePool(b.state.Cluster, srcBackup, mountPath)
}, op)

var postHook func(instance.Instance) error
if volPostHook != nil {
// Create a post hook function that will use the instance (that will be created) to
// setup a new volume containing the instance's root disk device's config so that
// the driver's post hook function can access that config to perform any post
// instance creation setup.
postHook = func(inst instance.Instance) error {
// Get the root disk device config.
_, rootDiskConf, err := shared.GetRootDiskDevice(inst.ExpandedDevices().CloneNative())
if err != nil {
return err

// Get the volume name on storage.
volStorageName := project.Prefix(inst.Project(), inst.Name())

volType, err := InstanceTypeToVolumeType(inst.Type())
if err != nil {
return err

contentType := InstanceContentType(inst)

// Initialise new volume containing root disk config supplied in instance.
vol := b.newVolume(volType, contentType, volStorageName, rootDiskConf)
return volPostHook(vol)

revertFuncs = nil
return postHook, revertHook, nil

// CreateInstanceFromCopy copies an instance volume and optionally its snapshots to new volume(s).
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