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use Lxc::object;
use Test::More tests => 6;
my $lxc = new Lxc::object;
my $tmp = $lxc->check();
my $tmp2 = $lxc->get_vg();
$tmp = $lxc->get_vg();
eval {
$tmp = $lxc->get_conf("testvm", "lxc.rootfs");
} or do {
print "Can't run, testvm is not avaliable\n";
ok(defined($lxc->get_config_path()), "Should be defined");
ok(defined($lxc->get_roots_path()), "Should be defined");
ok(defined($lxc->get_template_path()), "Should be defined");
ok(defined($lxc->get_lxc_conf_dir()), "Should be defined");
ok(defined($lxc->get_cgroup_path()), "Should be defined");
ok(defined($lxc->get_vg()), "Should be defined");
$tmp = $lxc->get_config_path();
print "CONFIG_PATH: $tmp\n";
$tmp = $lxc->get_roots_path();
print "ROOTS_PATH: $tmp\n";
$tmp = $lxc->get_template_path();
print "TEMPLATE_PATH: $tmp\n";
$tmp = $lxc->get_lxc_conf_dir();
print "LXC_CONF_DIR: $tmp\n";
$tmp = $lxc->get_cgroup_path();
print "CGROUP_PATH: $tmp\n";
$tmp = $lxc->get_vg();
print "VG: $tmp\n";
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