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Feb 5, 2021
Oct 30, 2015
Notes for compilation:
1. This library requires:
   - Libtool.
   - Intltool 0.40.0 or newer.
   - GLib 2.22.0 or newer.
   - GTK+ 2.18.0 or newer.
   - Libmenu-cache 0.3.2 or newer.

2. Optional dependencies:
   - Gtk-doc-tools 1.14 or newer.
   - Dbus-Glib-1.
   - Libexif.

Notes for runtime environment:
1. The file alteration monitor is done via GFileMonitor built into glib.
   It relies on inotify on Linux, kqueue on FreeBSD, and FAM or gamin
   on others. On Linux, no additional dependency is needed. However,
   for systems like NetBSD, you may need a working FAM daemon.

2. To get remote filesystem support, trash:///, and computer:/// support,
   libfm needs gvfs. Please install gvfs and its related backends
   if you need these features.

3. Volume management is done with glib, which relies on gvfs.
   If you don't want to use gvfs, try the --enable-udisks configure option.
   Libfm has a built-in volume management implementation done with udisks.
   However, it's still experimental and may be unstable.
   Use gvfs whenever possible.

4. If you're using Linux, mounting volumes without root privileges is
   supported by gvfs and udisks, given you have correct policy-kit
   configurations. If you have problems mounting/unmounting devices,
   check your policykit configurations. Either your permission settings
   are wrong, or there is no policykit agent running. There must be 
   something wrong and it's not a bug of libfm/pcmanfm.