Admin tools

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Brain dump of system administration and configuration tools. Don't think of this as a todo list too much.

  • Display manager / lock screen

    • Only support SDDM
  • Disk encryption

    • Crypt user / crypt system
  • Network

    • Saved networks, DNS, proxy settings,
  • User management

  • Graphics

    • Monitor config
    • Default resolution! -> xorg startup conf
    • Discrete card autoswitch whitelist
  • Date/Time

    • NTP

lxqt-config-* is not scalable.

Current problems with system config tools

  • Relies on awful menu categories
  • It's hard for 3rd party to integrate with anyone.
  • All config apps should usually be single-instance
  • We want "actions" rather than "apps"
    • "Change the screen's resolution". "Set the keyboard layout". etc
  • Some actions belong in multiple places
    • eg. NTP is both date/time and network
    • keyboard/mouse settings are often expected in the same place, but kb settings are also international (layouts)
    • both are also accessibility (dblclick speed, sticky keys etc)

How to fix this?

  • We can't make a lib for this. Others can disagree with the look&feel
  • Needs to be a protocol that can be implemented at a desktop's liking
  • dbus apps can probably fix the single-instance issue
  • tagging fixes the multiple-places issue
  • Desktop Actions for actions?
[Desktop Entry]
Name[en]=Keyboard Configuration

[Desktop Action Layout]
Name[en]=Change the keyboard layout

[Desktop Action StickyKeys]
Name[en]=Enable or disable Sticky Keys

Do we want a dbus api here? dbus apis are annoying for 3rd party to implement.. but implementing dbus support in systemsettings is probably required.