Binary packages

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As of September 2016 pre-compiled binary packages are provided by all major Linux distributions.

Basic knowledge of the respective package management tools is required and not within the scope of this wiki. Please refer to the documentation of the distribution you're using.

Arch Linux

The stable release is available in community repo, packages' names are the same as upstream. A group lxqt exists and pulls all relevant ones.
In releases ≤ 0.10 lxqt-admin could be provided in the AUR only as its dependencies weren't available in the official repositories. These dependencies were exchanged so lxqt-admin will be included in the official releases as of LXQt 0.11.

Latest VCS code is provided in the AUR, packages' names are the same as upstream suffixed by -git, meta-package lxqt-desktop-git pulls all of them.

Debian, Derivates


The stable release of LXQt is available in Debian's official repositories as of Debian 9 "stretch" which represents the testing distribution as of 11/2015. There are metapackages lxqt-core providing core features and lxqt providing LXQt as a whole plus some additional applications.


Siduction used to provide repositories which could be used on Debian as well earlier but these have been abandoned in favour of the official Debian repositories.

Ubuntu, Derivatives

official repositories

LXQt is available in the official repositories as of Ubuntu 16.04 "Xenial Xerus". Note the current release 0.11 hasn't been included in Ubuntu so far and is expected to be available in 17.04. only.
The metapackages are the same as in Debian.


Aside from the official repos two PPAs exist. Note that both are subject to serious dependency issues on a regular basis and have to be considered experimental. They definitely cannot be recommended for usage on production systems.

In detail the repositories are

  • ppa:lxqt/ppa: Latest stable release. Provided by team "LXQt team", see Metapackages lxqt and lxqt-core similar to those from the official Debian repositories are available.
  • ppa:lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily: VCS snapshots updated on a regular basis. Provided by team "Lubuntu Developers Team", see A metapackage lxqt-metapackage pulling all essential components is available.


LXQt is included in the official repositories. A corresponding group "lxqt" is available as well.


LXQt stable is available in official portage tree (gentoo repository). To install, "emerge lxqt-meta".
ebuild files for git snapshots can be found in qt overlay. If you need, do "layman -a qt" and emerge them.


A meta-package to install LXQt on Mageia's latest release can be found on

ROSA Linux

LXQt is available in ROSA Desktop Fresh as of R6. From a running instance LXQt can be installed by task-lxqt, ISO images providing LXQt are available, too. See


SlackBuilds for git snapshots are available on Ponce's fork for -current ( AlienBob's repository ( also offers 14.1 and -current binary packages for the latest stable 0.7.0 release and an unified SlackBuild for building all components from source.


Stable versions are maintained in X11:LXQt and included in openSUSE 13.2, openSUSE Leap 42.1 and Tumbleweed. LXQt can be installed via the LXQt pattern: zypper in -t pattern lxqt, or via clicking on the pattern in YaST Sofware or by installing every component individually. More information can be found in the openSUSE Wiki.
Git snapshots are available in X11:LXQt:git.