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Window managers


LXQt does not provide its own window manager but any arbitrary window manager can be used, most notably Openbox, KWin, the window manager of KDE, and Xfwm4, the window manager of Xfce.

The current window manager is stored in section [General] of file session.conf, see ConfigGeneral.


It can be chosen in configuration dialogue LXQt Session Settings of lxqt-session.


Configuration is handled by a configuration file rc.xml, the user specific copy of which is normally in ~/.config/openbox/.
LXQt is using a specific copy of this file, see LXQt specific configuration of window manager Openbox, and the project is maintaining a GUI ObConf-Qt to edit this file.


The only GUI to configure KWin in LXQt sessions still is System Settings of KDE. Unfortunately this represents a drawback of using KWin as a large part of KDE is needed to get this tool to work reasonably in LXQt sessions.


Three tools are provided to configure this window manager.

  • Window Manager: Basic settings. Binary xfwm4-settings, desktop entry file xfce-wm-settings.desktop.
  • Window Manager Tweaks: Additional / advanced settings. Binary xfwm4-tweaks-settings, desktop entry file xfce-wmtweaks-settings.desktop.
  • Workspaces: Configures the virtual desktops. Binary xfwm4-workspace-settings, desktop entry file xfce-workspaces-settings.desktop.

All desktop entry files mentioned above have by default key OnlyShowIn=XFCE; and will thus not be visible in LXQt sessions including the panel's main menu. In order to use these desktop entry files in LXQt sessions remove this line either in the system copy of the files, normally in /usr/share/applications/, or in a user specific copy which has to be placed in ~/.local/share/applications/ most of the time.