A lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator
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QTerminal is a lightweight Qt terminal emulator based on QTermWidget.

It is maintained by the LXQt project but can be used independently from this desktop environment. The only bonds are liblxqt representing a build dependency and the localization files which were outsourced to LXQt repository lxqt-l10n.

This project is licensed under the terms of the GPLv2 or any later version. See the LICENSE file for the full text of the license.


Compiling sources

Runtime dependencies are qtx11extras ≥ 5.2 and QTermWidget.
In order to build CMake ≥ 3.0.2 and liblxqt are needed as well as optionally Git to pull latest VCS checkouts. The localization files were outsourced to repository lxqt-l10n so the corresponding dependencies are needed, too. Please refer to this repository's README.md for further information.

Code configuration is handled by CMake. Building out of source is strongly recommended. CMake variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX will normally have to be set to /usr.

To build run make, to install make install which accepts variable DESTDIR as usual.

Binary packages

QTerminal is provided by all major Linux distributions like Arch Linux (AUR only so far), Debian (as of Debian stretch), Fedora and openSUSE (Tumbleweed only so far).
Just use the distributions' package managers to search for string qterminal.