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My own competitive programming answers
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Ramen's Competitive Programming Answers

There are Ramen's competitive programming answers.

Most of the codes here are AC codes, but many of them can be greatly optimized. Some of them are just partial solutions. Some of them just stay here. (I will check them later.) All of them should be removed or became AC code, if you still find any, just open a issue to let me know.

You can find my standard answer template under the My Templates folder, there are many useful utils for problem solving.

Many of them are written under the C++14 standard. I compile them using:

  • Clang 7.0.0 (usually I use this one)
  • GCC 8.2.1

It should work using any compilers which support C++17 well like MSVC++, and all of its features are support C++14 standard. I don't check if all the codes can run perfectly under C++11 or C++03 standard. Make your own change.

The recommend complie arguments are:

-std=c++17 -O2 -DLOCAL -ferror-limit=3 # If you're using gcc, change the last one into -fmax-errors=3

Also, I begin using Python to solve problems. The Python interpreter I'm currently using is:

  • CPython 3.7.1 (Python 3.7.1)
  • PyPy3 6.0.0 (Python 3.5.3)

Haskell sources files are just remained, no more new Haskell solutions.

Here are sites I've mostly involved:

If you have any question, feel free to contact me. Issues are welcome.

Keep coding, keep going.

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