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LXDock is a wrapper around LXD that allows developers to orchestrate their development environments using a workflow similar to Vagrant.

Status: New Maintainers

As of LXDock v0.4.1 the two creators of LXDock stopped using it, however the project has several new maintainers now.

See: issue #106

The Travis CI tests are working again as we have switched to the Snap version of LXD since the PPA is no longer maintained. This is great news as it has allowed a number of outstanding PR's to be merged, with more to come.

There is also a Vagrantfile included for running the tests locally.

The next release will be v0.5.0, but no release date has been set at this point.

More to come...

Why use LXDock?

It's fast. LXDock is much much faster than a typical Vagrant + Virtualbox setup.

Multi-arch. Vagrant has been designed with Virtualbox and x86 in mind. Even if you use alternative providers, you're going to have to jump through inelegant hoops to have your Vagrantfile work on x86 and arm (for example) at the same time because the very concept of a Vagrant box is arch-specific.

Simpler. When working with containers, much of the complexity of Vagrant becomes useless. Why the need for special "vagrant-prepared" boxes when lxc exec is available? It's much simpler to use whatever images are provided directly by lxd. By removing the need to manage boxes, lxdock suddenly becomes much simpler (a simple wrapper around lxd, really).


Online browsable documentation is available at

Head over to the documentation for all the details on how to set up LXDock and how to start using containers in your project!


LXD, Python 3.4+. Please refer to the requirements section of the documentation for a full list of dependencies.


You can join the #lxdock channel on to get help and ask questions related to the development of LXDock.

Current Maintainers

Rob van der Linde (@robvdl), Norman Kabir (@nkabir)

Original Authors

Virgil Dupras (@hsoft), Morgan Aubert (@ellmetha) and contributors.


GPLv3. See LICENSE for more details.