@lundmar lundmar released this Jul 8, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.20:

  • Fix handling of question commands in interactive mode

@lundmar lundmar released this May 5, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.19:

  • Add bash completion for snap

  • Update README

    Add tested instrument Keysight AWG 33612A as tested by Timur Aydin.

  • Add const qualifier

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Require Lua 5.1 or newer

  • Include test dir in distribution

  • Update Travis

  • Fix bash completion for run command

  • Update basic-tests.lua

  • Move test directory

  • Add basic Lua tests

@lundmar lundmar released this Mar 14, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.18:

  • Downgrade to Lua 5.2

  • Update Travis configuration

  • Add Lua scripting feature to support automation

    Add run command which makes it possible to run Lua scripts to support
    advanced instrument automation.

    To run a Lua script simply do:
    $ lxi run test.lua

    The following LXI specific Lua functions are added and made available
    for use in the Lua scripts:

    device = connect(ip)
    scpi(device, command)
    scpi_raw(device, command)

    See src/test/test.lua for a simple Lua script example.

  • Update README

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Improve regex of rs-hmo-rtb screenshot plugin

    Include instruments made with "HAMEG" identifier.

  • README: Add sponsors section

  • lxi-gui: Fix snap build

  • configure: use pkg-config to check for Qt5

  • lxi-gui: Cleanup Qt5 configuration

  • Reconfigure R&S screenshot plugin to BMP

  • Add RTB2004 to list of tested instruments

Dmitri Goutnik:

  • Use QT_SELECT value instead of hardcoded QT version

@lundmar lundmar released this Feb 5, 2018 · 36 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.17:

  • lxi-gui: Add X-axis title to data recorder chart

  • lxi-gui: Fix data recorder chart colors and csv export

  • lxi-gui: Add SCPI 1999.0 commands

  • lxi-gui: Add data recorder save data feauture

    Add a save button which allows to save recorded data to file in CSV

  • lxi: Increase default discover mDNS timeout

  • lxi-gui: Optimize data recorder plotting

  • lxi-gui: Fix arm snap build

  • lxi-gui: Print machine type during qmake build

  • lxi-gui: Remove *OPT? SCPI command

  • lxi-gui: Use elapsed real time in data recorder

  • lxi-gui: Print SCPI command requests

  • Add screenshot support for RTB 2000

  • Cleanup timeout handling, etc.

  • lxi-gui: Reduce minimum window size

  • Add support for adding custom Qt qmake arguments

    Add QMAKE_ARGUMENTS flag which allows to pass on arguments to qmake when
    building lxi-gui.

  • lxi-gui: Make sure to call QT5 qmake

@lundmar lundmar released this Jan 27, 2018 · 54 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.16:

  • lxi-gui: Add input dialog for *ESE and *SRE commands

  • lxi-gui: Fix qmake compile flags

  • lxi-gui: Start with SCPI page

  • Add configure check for Qt5Charts

  • lxi-gui: Cleanup

    Name UI elements accordingly

  • lxi-gui: Add screenshot live view

  • Update README screenshot

  • lxi-gui: Add ID/IP instrument table header

  • lxi-gui: Tag as BETA

  • Update README

    Introduce lxi-gui and include screenshot.

  • Link QT5 Charts manually

    To avoid build issue with snap.

  • lxi-gui: Add data recorder feature

  • lxi-gui: Add settings

  • lxi-gui: Add QT5 source files

  • lxi-gui: Introduce responsive layout

    The lxi-gui application can now automatically resize to fit any window

  • lxi-gui: Add 'Open in browser' right-click feature

  • lxi-gui: Add IEEE 488.2 Common Commands

  • lxi-gui: Add about details

  • lxi-gui: Add screenshot feature

  • lxi-gui: Add benchmark feature

  • Split features into separate files

  • Update README

  • Update lxi-gui

  • Add keysight-dmm screenshot plugin

    This plugin supports Keysight Truevolt digital multimeters.

  • Set default discover timeout to 1 s

  • Add experimental QT5 GUI

    Can be enabled using configure option --enable-lxi-gui

    Requires QT 5.0.0 or newer.

  • Cleanup

  • Update Travis

@lundmar lundmar released this Dec 29, 2017 · 85 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.15:

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Convert tabs to spaces

  • Remove experimental label from keysight-ivx plugin

    Tested with MSO-X 3024T by ralphrmartin from EEVBlog forum.

  • Fix keysight-iv2000x plugin

    Fix header strip and change image format to BMP. Improve regex.

  • Fix image format for rigol-dg4000 plugin

  • Update completion script

  • Cleanup

Dmitri Goutnik:

  • Make code clang friendly

@lundmar lundmar released this Dec 16, 2017 · 97 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.14:

  • Update man page

  • Add support for using raw/TCP in benchmark mode

    Add the option to run benchmark using raw/TCP. For example:

    $ lxi benchmark --address --port 5555 --raw

    Also, cleanup all port handling code and update documentation

  • Decrease timeout for discover to 2 s

@lundmar lundmar released this Dec 12, 2017 · 102 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.13:

  • Make screenshot plugin only support Rigol DM3068

    Rigol DM3068 is the only DM3000 series digital multimeter that seems to
    have screenshot support.

  • Fix entering interactive mode

    Regardless of using --interactive a SCPI command was still required to
    be provided to enter interactive mode.

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Remove experimental label from Siglent plugins

    Thanks to Siglent who helped fix and test all the screenshot plugins for
    their instruments.

  • Cleanup screenshot plugins

  • Consolidate Rigol DSA plugins into one

  • Update README and man page

  • Support writing screenshot image to stdout

    To write screenshot image to stdout simply use '-' as the output
    filename. This allows to pipe the screenshot image directly to other
    tools for image processing.

    For example, using imagemagick to automatically convert captured
    screenshot image to JPG:

    $ lxi screenshot -a - | convert - screenshot.jpg

  • Cleanup Siglent screenshot plugins

  • Update siglent-ssa3000x plugin

  • Add siglent-sdg plugin

  • Add siglent-sdm3000 plugin

  • Move siglent-sds out of experimental

  • Extend Siglent plugin to include SDS2000X

@lundmar lundmar released this Dec 1, 2017 · 125 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.12:

  • Update README

  • Update SSA3000X capture command

  • Add completion for benchmark command

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Fix get_device_id()

    This function was missing a call to lxi_disconnect() which resulted in
    some instruments being left hanging when capturing screenshots.
    Instruments that presumable only allow one active connection.

  • Add benchmark feature

    This benchmark feature is useful if you want to compare the VXI-11
    request/response performance of your instruments.

    By default the benchmark sends 100 SCPI ID requests ("*IDN?" commands)
    to the instrument. For each request it waits for and reads the response.
    When done the resulting request rate is printed.

  • Fix screenshot command when using plugin autodetection

    The wrong timeout value was passed when trying to autodetect which
    screenshot plugin to use.

  • Cleanup

  • Fix Rohde & Schwarz HMO 1000 screenshot plugin

    Fix plugin so that it does not strip off the PNG header of the PNG image

    Also, the source files and functions of the plugin is now named more
    explicitly according to the name of the instrument series (HMO 1000).

  • Fix Siglent SSA3000 screenshot plugin

@lundmar lundmar released this Nov 27, 2017 · 140 commits to master since this release

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Changes since lxi-tools v1.11:

  • Update to new URL

  • Add snap status

  • Fix redirection of output to file

  • Update README

  • Cleanup configure.ac

Jakub Wilk:

  • Use HTTPS in the configure script