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import os
import sys
import unittest
# make sure we import from the right place
script_path = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]))
sys.path.insert(0, script_path)
test_base_path = os.path.join(script_path, 'src')
sys.path.insert(1, test_base_path)
import test
from DD import DD
cfg = test.Options()
cfg.verbosity = 0
cfg.basedir = test_base_path
cfg.unit_tests = True
def write(line, *args):
if args:
line = line % args
sys.stderr.write(line + '\n')
def find_tests():
test_files = test.get_test_files(cfg)
return test.get_test_cases(test_files, cfg)
class DDTester(DD):
def _test(self, test_cases):
if not test_cases:
return self.PASS
write('Running subset of %d tests %s',
len(test_cases), self.coerce(test_cases))
test_cases = [ item[-1] for item in test_cases ]
pid = os.fork()
if not pid:
# child executes tests
runner = test.CustomTestRunner(cfg, None)
suite = unittest.TestSuite()
os._exit( not )
cid, retval = os.waitpid(pid, 0)
if retval:
write('exit status: %d, signal: %d', retval >> 8, retval % 0xFF)
if (retval % 0xFF) > 2: # signal received?
return self.FAIL
return self.PASS
def coerce(self, test_cases):
if not test_cases:
return '[]'
test_cases = [ item[-1] for item in test_cases ]
return '[%s .. %s]' % (test_cases[0].id(), test_cases[-1].id())
def dd_tests():
tests = find_tests()
write('Found %d tests', len(tests))
dd = DDTester()
min_tests = dd.ddmin( list(enumerate(tests)) )
return [ item[-1] for item in min_tests ]
if __name__ == '__main__':
write('Failing tests:\n%s', '\n'.join([ for test in dd_tests()]))
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