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# XInclude processing
from lxml.includes cimport xinclude
class XIncludeError(LxmlError):
u"""Error during XInclude processing.
cdef class XInclude:
XInclude processor.
Create an instance and call it on an Element to run XInclude
cdef _ErrorLog _error_log
def __init__(self):
self._error_log = _ErrorLog()
property error_log:
def __get__(self):
assert self._error_log is not None, "XInclude instance not initialised"
return self._error_log.copy()
def __call__(self, _Element node not None):
u"__call__(self, node)"
# We cannot pass the XML_PARSE_NOXINCNODE option as this would free
# the XInclude nodes - there may still be Python references to them!
# Therefore, we allow XInclude nodes to be converted to
# XML_XINCLUDE_START nodes. XML_XINCLUDE_END nodes are added as
# siblings. Tree traversal will simply ignore them as they are not
# typed as elements. The included fragment is added between the two,
# i.e. as a sibling, which does not conflict with traversal.
cdef int result
assert self._error_log is not None, "XPath evaluator not initialised"
with nogil:
if node._doc._parser is not None:
result = xinclude.xmlXIncludeProcessTreeFlags(
node._c_node, node._doc._parser._parse_options)
result = xinclude.xmlXIncludeProcessTree(node._c_node)
if result == -1:
raise XIncludeError(
u"XInclude processing failed"),
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