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from tree cimport xmlDoc, xmlDict
from tree cimport xmlInputReadCallback, xmlInputCloseCallback
from xmlparser cimport xmlParserCtxt, xmlSAXHandler
from xmlerror cimport xmlError
cdef extern from "libxml/HTMLparser.h":
ctypedef enum htmlParserOption:
HTML_PARSE_NOERROR # suppress error reports
HTML_PARSE_NOWARNING # suppress warning reports
HTML_PARSE_PEDANTIC # pedantic error reporting
HTML_PARSE_NOBLANKS # remove blank nodes
HTML_PARSE_NONET # Forbid network access
# libxml2 2.6.21+ only:
HTML_PARSE_RECOVER # Relaxed parsing
HTML_PARSE_COMPACT # compact small text nodes
xmlSAXHandler htmlDefaultSAXHandler
cdef xmlParserCtxt* htmlCreateMemoryParserCtxt(
char* buffer, int size) nogil
cdef xmlParserCtxt* htmlCreateFileParserCtxt(
char* filename, char* encoding) nogil
cdef xmlParserCtxt* htmlCreatePushParserCtxt(xmlSAXHandler* sax,
void* user_data,
char* chunk, int size,
char* filename, int enc) nogil
cdef void htmlFreeParserCtxt(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef void htmlCtxtReset(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef int htmlCtxtUseOptions(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt, int options) nogil
cdef int htmlParseDocument(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef int htmlParseChunk(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* chunk, int size, int terminate) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* htmlCtxtReadFile(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* filename, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* htmlCtxtReadDoc(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* buffer, char* URL, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* htmlCtxtReadIO(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
xmlInputReadCallback ioread,
xmlInputCloseCallback ioclose,
void* ioctx,
char* URL, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* htmlCtxtReadMemory(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* buffer, int size,
char* filename, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
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