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cimport tree, xmlerror
from tree cimport xmlDoc, xmlDtd
cdef extern from "libxml/schematron.h":
ctypedef struct xmlSchematron
ctypedef struct xmlSchematronParserCtxt
ctypedef struct xmlSchematronValidCtxt
ctypedef enum xmlSchematronValidOptions:
XML_SCHEMATRON_OUT_QUIET = 1 # quiet no report
XML_SCHEMATRON_OUT_TEXT = 2 # build a textual report
XML_SCHEMATRON_OUT_ERROR = 8 # output via xmlStructuredErrorFunc
XML_SCHEMATRON_OUT_FILE = 256 # output to a file descriptor
XML_SCHEMATRON_OUT_BUFFER = 512 # output to a buffer
XML_SCHEMATRON_OUT_IO = 1024 # output to I/O mechanism
cdef xmlSchematronParserCtxt* xmlSchematronNewDocParserCtxt(
xmlDoc* doc) nogil
cdef xmlSchematronParserCtxt* xmlSchematronNewParserCtxt(
char* filename) nogil
cdef xmlSchematronValidCtxt* xmlSchematronNewValidCtxt(
xmlSchematron* schema, int options) nogil
cdef xmlSchematron* xmlSchematronParse(xmlSchematronParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef int xmlSchematronValidateDoc(xmlSchematronValidCtxt* ctxt,
xmlDoc* instance) nogil
cdef void xmlSchematronFreeParserCtxt(xmlSchematronParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef void xmlSchematronFreeValidCtxt(xmlSchematronValidCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef void xmlSchematronFree(xmlSchematron* schema) nogil
cdef void xmlSchematronSetValidStructuredErrors(
xmlSchematronValidCtxt* ctxt,
xmlerror.xmlStructuredErrorFunc error_func, void *data)
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