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from tree cimport xmlDoc, xmlNode, xmlDict, xmlDtd
from tree cimport xmlInputReadCallback, xmlInputCloseCallback
from xmlerror cimport xmlError, xmlStructuredErrorFunc
cdef extern from "libxml/parser.h":
ctypedef void (*startElementNsSAX2Func)(void* ctx,
char* localname,
char* prefix,
char* URI,
int nb_namespaces,
char** namespaces,
int nb_attributes,
int nb_defaulted,
char** attributes)
ctypedef void (*endElementNsSAX2Func)(void* ctx,
char* localname,
char* prefix,
char* URI)
ctypedef void (*startElementSAXFunc)(void* ctx, char* name, char** atts)
ctypedef void (*endElementSAXFunc)(void* ctx, char* name)
ctypedef void (*charactersSAXFunc)(void* ctx, char* ch, int len)
ctypedef void (*cdataBlockSAXFunc)(void* ctx, char* value, int len)
ctypedef void (*commentSAXFunc)(void* ctx, char* value)
ctypedef void (*processingInstructionSAXFunc)(void* ctx,
char* target,
char* data)
ctypedef void (*internalSubsetSAXFunc)(void* ctx,
char* name,
char* externalID,
char* systemID)
ctypedef void (*endDocumentSAXFunc)(void* ctx)
ctypedef void (*startDocumentSAXFunc)(void* ctx)
ctypedef void (*referenceSAXFunc)(void * ctx, char* name)
cdef int XML_SAX2_MAGIC
cdef extern from "libxml/tree.h":
ctypedef struct xmlParserInput:
int line
int length
char* base
char* cur
char* end
ctypedef struct xmlParserInputBuffer:
void* context
xmlInputReadCallback readcallback
xmlInputCloseCallback closecallback
ctypedef struct xmlSAXHandler:
internalSubsetSAXFunc internalSubset
startElementNsSAX2Func startElementNs
endElementNsSAX2Func endElementNs
startElementSAXFunc startElement
endElementSAXFunc endElement
charactersSAXFunc characters
cdataBlockSAXFunc cdataBlock
referenceSAXFunc reference
commentSAXFunc comment
processingInstructionSAXFunc processingInstruction
startDocumentSAXFunc startDocument
endDocumentSAXFunc endDocument
int initialized
xmlStructuredErrorFunc serror
void* _private
cdef extern from "libxml/xmlIO.h":
cdef xmlParserInputBuffer* xmlAllocParserInputBuffer(int enc) nogil
cdef extern from "libxml/parser.h":
cdef xmlDict* xmlDictCreate() nogil
cdef xmlDict* xmlDictCreateSub(xmlDict* subdict) nogil
cdef void xmlDictFree(xmlDict* sub) nogil
cdef int xmlDictReference(xmlDict* dict) nogil
cdef int XML_COMPLETE_ATTRS # SAX option for adding DTD default attributes
ctypedef struct xmlParserCtxt:
xmlDoc* myDoc
xmlDict* dict
int dictNames
void* _private
bint wellFormed
bint recovery
int options
bint disableSAX
int errNo
bint replaceEntities
bint loadsubset
bint validate
xmlError lastError
xmlNode* node
xmlSAXHandler* sax
void* userData
int* spaceTab
int spaceMax
bint html
bint progressive
int inSubset
int charset
xmlParserInput* input
ctypedef enum xmlParserOption:
XML_PARSE_RECOVER = 1 # recover on errors
XML_PARSE_NOENT = 2 # substitute entities
XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD = 4 # load the external subset
XML_PARSE_DTDATTR = 8 # default DTD attributes
XML_PARSE_DTDVALID = 16 # validate with the DTD
XML_PARSE_NOERROR = 32 # suppress error reports
XML_PARSE_NOWARNING = 64 # suppress warning reports
XML_PARSE_PEDANTIC = 128 # pedantic error reporting
XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS = 256 # remove blank nodes
XML_PARSE_SAX1 = 512 # use the SAX1 interface internally
XML_PARSE_XINCLUDE = 1024 # Implement XInclude substitition
XML_PARSE_NONET = 2048 # Forbid network access
XML_PARSE_NODICT = 4096 # Do not reuse the context dictionnary
XML_PARSE_NSCLEAN = 8192 # remove redundant namespaces declarations
XML_PARSE_NOCDATA = 16384 # merge CDATA as text nodes
XML_PARSE_NOXINCNODE = 32768 # do not generate XINCLUDE START/END nodes
# libxml2 2.6.21+ only:
XML_PARSE_COMPACT = 65536 # compact small text nodes
# libxml2 2.7.0+ only:
XML_PARSE_OLD10 = 131072 # parse using XML-1.0 before update 5
XML_PARSE_NOBASEFIX = 262144 # do not fixup XINCLUDE xml:base uris
XML_PARSE_HUGE = 524288 # relax any hardcoded limit from the parser
cdef void xmlInitParser() nogil
cdef void xmlCleanupParser() nogil
cdef int xmlLineNumbersDefault(int onoff) nogil
cdef xmlParserCtxt* xmlNewParserCtxt() nogil
cdef xmlParserInput* xmlNewIOInputStream(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
xmlParserInputBuffer* input,
int enc) nogil
cdef int xmlCtxtUseOptions(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt, int options) nogil
cdef void xmlFreeParserCtxt(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef void xmlCtxtReset(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef void xmlClearParserCtxt(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt) nogil
cdef int xmlParseChunk(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* chunk, int size, int terminate) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* xmlCtxtReadDoc(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* cur, char* URL, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* xmlCtxtReadFile(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* filename, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* xmlCtxtReadIO(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
xmlInputReadCallback ioread,
xmlInputCloseCallback ioclose,
void* ioctx,
char* URL, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
cdef xmlDoc* xmlCtxtReadMemory(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* buffer, int size,
char* filename, char* encoding,
int options) nogil
# iterparse:
cdef xmlParserCtxt* xmlCreatePushParserCtxt(xmlSAXHandler* sax,
void* user_data,
char* chunk,
int size,
char* filename) nogil
cdef int xmlCtxtResetPush(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* chunk,
int size,
char* filename,
char* encoding) nogil
# entity loaders:
ctypedef xmlParserInput* (*xmlExternalEntityLoader)(
char * URL, char * ID, xmlParserCtxt* context) nogil
cdef xmlExternalEntityLoader xmlGetExternalEntityLoader() nogil
cdef void xmlSetExternalEntityLoader(xmlExternalEntityLoader f) nogil
# DTDs:
cdef xmlDtd* xmlParseDTD(char* ExternalID, char* SystemID) nogil
cdef xmlDtd* xmlIOParseDTD(xmlSAXHandler* sax,
xmlParserInputBuffer* input,
int enc) nogil
cdef extern from "libxml/parserInternals.h":
cdef xmlParserInput* xmlNewInputStream(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt)
cdef xmlParserInput* xmlNewStringInputStream(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* buffer) nogil
cdef xmlParserInput* xmlNewInputFromFile(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt,
char* filename) nogil
cdef void xmlFreeInputStream(xmlParserInput* input) nogil
cdef int xmlSwitchEncoding(xmlParserCtxt* ctxt, int enc) nogil
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