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Installing lxml
You need libxml2 and libxslt, in particular:
* libxml 2.2.16 (newer versions should work). It can be found here:
* libxslt 1.1.12 (newer versions should work). It can be found here:
You also need Pyrex (0.9.3) to compile the software. It can be found
You also need Python 2.3 (Python 2.4 also ought to work).
python install
to compile and install the library.
It's also possible to do this::
python2.3 build_ext -i
or just::
This will not install lxml, but if you place lxml's "src" on your
PYTHONPATH somehow, you can import it and play with it.
lxml's tries to be smart and uses libxml2's xml2-config to
find the installation path of libxml2. If this cannot be found or
doesn't work for some reason or another, try editing the,
by changing this::
# if you want to configure include dir manually, you can do so here,
# for instance:
# include_dirs = ['/usr/include/libxml2']
include_dirs = guess_include_dirs()
Into something like this::
include_dirs = ['/usr/include/libxml2']
If that still doesn't work, try registering the extension in a
different way entirely; there's a commented block of code at the
bottom of with an example.
If you still have trouble, contact us on the `mailing list`_.
.. _`mailing list`:
Running the tests
You can run the main tests by using::
Alternatively, you can use::
make test
To run the ElementTree and cElementTree compatibility tests, make sure
you have lxml on your PYTHONPATH first, then run::
If the tests give failures, errors, or worse, segmentation faults,
we'd really like to know. Please contact us on the `mailing list`_,
and please specify the version of libxml2, libxslt and Python you were
.. _`mailing list`:
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