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Exposing libxml2 functionalities
* XPath extension functions, potential threading issues.
* XSLT support for parameters, Python extension functions, threading
* Improved Relax NG error reporting. Right now we only get valid or invalid.
* Improved error handling in general; test structured exceptions in more
* XInclude support.
* Test XML entities, also in an ElementTree context.
* Support for loading files from other places than filesystem, for
instance xslt:include, xslt:import, XInclude, Relax NG import.
* More tests for error handling.
In general
* test namespaces more in-depth
* will namespaces nodes of unknown namespaces be added (and never freed?)
* Various (c)ElementTree builders and parser APIs. Are they needed?
* memory errors and memory leaks when returning nodes from XPath
extension functions.
Top level
* parse() support for custom parsers. (?)
* ProcessingInstruction
* improve getiterator() implementation to use Python-level iterators
* _setroot(), even though this is not strictly a public method.
* parse() - this seems hard to implement sanely so this may be an
* improve write() and write_c14n() support to use file pointers
directly where possible, instead of going through memory.
Not yet implemented.
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