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Martijn Faassen - initial and main developer
Marc-Antoine Parent - XPath extension function help and patches
Stefan Behnel - core development work (SAX support, misc patches)
Olivier Grisel - improved (c)ElementTree compatibility patches,
website improvements.
Florian Wagner - help with copy.deepcopy support, bug reporting
Emil Kroymann - help with encoding support, bug reporting
Slou - help with index() support, bug reporting
Duncan Booth - bugfixing
Paul Everitt - bug reporting, feedback on API design
Julien Anguenot - bug reporting
Paul Clifford - Python 2.2 compatibility fixes
Wade Leftwich - unicode bug reporting
Henrik Thostrup Jensen - bug reporting
dharana - bug reporting
Hamish Lawson - bug reporting
Gavrie Philipson - bug reporting
Victor Ng - Discussions on memory management strategies, vlibxml2
Robert Kern - feedback on API design
Kieran Holland - iteration crash bug report
Trent Mick - patch
Steve Howe - Windows builds
David Sankel - building statically on Windows
Thanks also to:
* the libxml2 project for a great XML library.
* Fredrik Lundh for the ElementTree API.
* pyrex for the binding technology.
* the codespeak crew, in particular Philipp von Weitershausen and
Holger Krekel for hosting it on
* Infrae for initiating the project.
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