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Things to try out when life permits
* zlib-based parsing/serialising of compressed in-memory data
* requires a libxml2 I/O OutputBuffer with appropriate I/O functions
that handle a zlib buffer
* generating XML using the ``with`` statement
* parse-time validation against a user provided DTD
* currently only works for XML Schema
* somehow integrate RelaxNG compact notation (rnc versus rng)
* currently not supported by libxml2 (patch exists)
* support subclassing XSLTAccessControl to provide custom per-URL
access check methods
* maybe custom resolvers are enough, or can be combined with this?
* reimplement iterparse() using the libxml2 xmlReader API
* Advantage: the implementation can be made safer than the current
SAX implementation, as the parser would not interact with the
Python-level tree.
* Disadvantage: the tree has to be built manually. In the current
SAX based implementation, libxml2 does it for us.
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