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ToDo's for lxml
In general
* more testing on multi-threading
* better exception messages for XPath and schemas based on error log,
e.g. missing namespace mappings in XPath
* more testing on input/output of encoded filenames, including custom
resolvers, relative XSLT imports, ...
* always use '<string>' as URL when tree was parsed from string? (can libxml2
handle this?)
* follow PEP 8 in API naming (avoidCamelCase in_favour_of_underscores)
* use per-call or per-thread error logs in XSLT/XPath/etc. to keep the
messages separate, especially in exceptions
* add 'nsmap' parameter to cleanup_namespaces()
XML Parser
* provide a way to let users pass in a custom DTD for validation
HTML Parser
* provide a parser wrapper that handles broken encodings in broken
HTML better, e.g. using BeautifulSoup's "unicode dammit" analyser
* expose prefix support?
* clean support for entities (is the Entity element class enough?)
* emulate setting special __attributes__ on ObjectifiedElement's as Python
attributes, not XML children
* rewrite iterparse() to accept a parser as argument instead of being
one (or maybe not: iterparse() can't deal with all parser options
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