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lxml is copyright Infrae and distributed under the BSD license (see
doc/licenses/BSD.txt), with the following exceptions:
Some code, such a, and
src/lxml/ are derived from ElementTree and
cElementTree. See doc/licenses/elementtree.txt for the license text., the test-runner script, is GPL and copyright Shuttleworth
Foundation. See doc/licenses/GPL.txt. It is believed the unchanged
inclusion of to run the unit test suite falls under the
"aggregation" clause of the GPL and thus does not affect the license
of the rest of the package.
the module is taken from the Python library and falls under
the PSF Python License.
The isoschematron implementation uses several XSL and RelaxNG resources:
* The (XML syntax) RelaxNG schema for schematron, copyright International
Organization for Standardization (see
src/lxml/isoschematron/resources/rng/iso-schematron.rng for the license
* The skeleton iso-schematron-xlt1 pure-xslt schematron implementation
xsl stylesheets, copyright Rick Jelliffe and Academia Sinica Computing
Center, Taiwan (see the xsl files here for the license text:
* The xsd/rng schema schematron extraction xsl transformations are unlicensed
and copyright the respective authors as noted (see
src/lxml/isoschematron/resources/xsl/RNG2Schtrn.xsl and
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