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lxml - a sane Python wrapper for libxml
Martijn Faassen, Infrae
The C library libxml has huge benefits
Standards-compliant XML support
actively maintained by XML exports
fast. fast! FAST!
Features of libxml
Tree based (DOM-ish) XML structure
XPath support
XSLT support (libxslt)
Relax NG (schema) support
And more
But libxml already has Python bindings!
very low level and C-ish (not Pythonic)
underdocumented. huge, you get lost in them
works with UTF-8, not native Python unicode
can cause segfaults from Python
have to do manual memory management!
lxml is a new Python binding for libxml
Aims (read: TODOS)
Pythonic API
Use Python unicode strings in API
Safe (no segfaults)
No manual memory management!
Slower because of better wrapping.
But libxml is so fast this likely doesn't matter much.
Not all features of libxml exposed (unless you help)
What is there now - Proof of concept
Automatic destruction of documents (refcounted)
Start of ElementTree style API for tree
Fix bugs, add features
Moving into svn repository on