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Added tag lxml-3.0alpha2 for changeset 5bd7af62e932

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1 parent 49e8a3e commit c978013345c078680201b1f1e780796b9e7a1bd8 @scoder scoder committed
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@@ -37,3 +37,4 @@ cf0980063266b383d0403759993536eaa18ebe93 lxml-2.3.4
c161cb55f4d4ebd93f5aee72ed73f267155bd894 lxml-2.3.5
66c66707c7d8a89b99a24bb29c791dbe9dc860f1 lxml-2.3.6
36e5b10c3ae6256e613554e7d71c34de0d71f385 lxml-3.0beta1
+5bd7af62e93207ff58d54fc83f96b078b621eef8 lxml-3.0alpha2

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