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repair non-namespace-aware attribute mis-interpretation in ElementTreeContentHandler #107

merged 2 commits into from Mar 31, 2013

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zzzeek commented Mar 30, 2013

this pull request allows the usage of non-NS aware SAX parsers to work properly with ElementTreeContentHandler, regarding attributes. This refers to

Summary test:

document = """<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Data FooBar="123">

from lxml import sax
from xml.sax import parse
from StringIO import StringIO

parse(StringIO(document), sax.ElementTreeContentHandler())

Above, the non-namespace aware parser generated by xml.sax.parse() calls the startElement() method, which ElementTreeContentHandler refers to startElementNS(). The attribute "FooBar" however must be expanded to the form (None, "FooBar"): "123" in order to be interpreted correctly by startElementNS().

zzzeek added some commits Mar 29, 2013
@zzzeek zzzeek - repair issue in sax.ElementTreeContentHandler
whereby attributes passed to startElement() would be mis-interpreted
as containing a namespace attribute, leading to a TypeError,
as well as where attributes with namespaces wouldn't be split
up correctly when passed to startElement().
@zzzeek zzzeek - pass through non-NS aware attribute names as is; a ":" should just …
…go to

- use boolean test for attributes dict
lxml member
scoder commented Mar 31, 2013


@scoder scoder merged commit 103cd6c into lxml:master Mar 31, 2013

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