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// Copyright 2010 The Walk Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package walk
import . ""
type Settings interface {
Get(key string) (string, bool)
Put(key, value string) error
Load() error
Save() error
type Persistable interface {
Persistent() bool
SetPersistent(value bool)
SaveState() error
RestoreState() error
type Application struct {
organizationName string
productName string
settings Settings
exiting bool
exitCode int
panickingPublisher ErrorEventPublisher
var appSingleton *Application = &Application{}
func App() *Application {
return appSingleton
func (app *Application) OrganizationName() string {
return app.organizationName
func (app *Application) SetOrganizationName(value string) {
app.organizationName = value
func (app *Application) ProductName() string {
return app.productName
func (app *Application) SetProductName(value string) {
app.productName = value
func (app *Application) Settings() Settings {
return app.settings
func (app *Application) SetSettings(value Settings) {
app.settings = value
func (app *Application) Exit(exitCode int) {
app.exiting = true
app.exitCode = exitCode
func (app *Application) ExitCode() int {
return app.exitCode
func (app *Application) Panicking() *ErrorEvent {
return app.panickingPublisher.Event()
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