Various packaging tools and scripts for LXQt applications
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This repository is providing several tools needed to build LXQt itself as well as other components maintained by the LXQt project.

These tools used to be spread over the repositories of various other components and were summarized to ease dependency management. So far many components, in particular liblxqt, were representing a build dependency without being needed themselves but only because their repository was providing a subset of the tools which are now summarized here. So the use of this repository will reduce superfluous and bloated dependencies.


Compiling sources

To build only CMake and Qt5Core are needed, optionally Git to pull VCS checkouts. Runtime dependencies do not exist.

Code configuration is handled by CMake. CMake variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX has to be set to /usr on most operating systems.

To build run make, to install make install which accepts variable DESTDIR as usual. (Strictly speaking make isn't even needed right now. On the other hand it doesn't hurt so packagers may just include it in case it'll be needed one day.)


This package is arch-independent now. You can simply package it as BuildArch: noarch (rpm) or arch: all (deb).