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This repository is providing several tools involved in the configuration of both LXQt and the underlying operating system.

On the one hand it is featuring several GUI tools to configure topics like general appearance, pointer devices or screen resolutions. On the other hand there's a GUI "Configuration Center" which summarizes all those configuration tools as well as counterparts of other LXQt components or third-party applications.

Configuration GUI tools

LXQt Appearance Configuration

Appearance of LXQt, that is topics like icon and LXQt theme or fonts.

LXQt Appearance Configuration (lxqt-config-appearance)

Binary lxqt-config-appearance.


Brightness settings of output devices.

Technically colors are adjusted to simulate varying brightness if the system LXQt is running on doesn't allow for adjusting the brightness itself.

Binary lxqt-config-brightness.

File Associations

Assigns MIME types to applications used to handle them. Not too user-friendly so far, see e. g. discussion in lxqt/lxqt#433.

Binary lxqt-config-file-associations.

Keyboard and Mouse

Configures hardware of pointer devices. Settings like repeat delay and interval of keyboards or acceleration of pointer devices.

Binary lxqt-config-input.


Locale used within LXQt sessions. Basically this GUI sets the well-known environment variables like LANG or LC_*. The settings apply to the session as a whole, that is to applications running within LXQt sessions but not belonging to LXQt, too.

Binary lxqt-config-locale.

Monitor Settings

Adjusts screen resolutions, positioning of screens and the likes.

Binary lxqt-config-monitor.

Configuration Center

The "Configuration Center" (binary lxqt-config) is summarizing and providing various configuration GUIs.

Configuration Center (lxqt-config)

First of all these are the ones belonging to repository lxqt-config described above. Next, it is hosting counterparts of several other LXQt components like "Desktop Notifications" of lxqt-notificationd, "Shortcut Keys" of lxqt-globalkeys or the tools provided by lxqt-admin. Third-party applications can include their configuration tools in "Configuration Center", too. This applies e. g. to "Connman UI Setup" of cmst or "SDDM Configuration" of sddm-config-editor. Other kinds of settings are shown under "Other Settings".


Compiling source code

Runtime dependencies are Xcursor, qtsvg, KScreen, lxqt-menu-data and liblxqt. Additional build dependencies are CMake and optionally Git to pull latest VCS checkouts.

Code configuration is handled by CMake. CMake variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX has to be set to /usr on most operating systems, depending on the way library paths are dealt with on 64bit systems variables like CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR may have to be set as well.

To build run make, to install make install which accepts variable DESTDIR as usual.

Binary packages

The library is provided by all major Linux and BSD distributions. Just use your package manager to search for string lxqt-config.


Both the various configuration tools and the Configuration Center can be launched from the panel's main menu - Preferences - LXQt settings. Obviously the former can be launched from the latter, too.


Translations can be done in LXQt-Weblate

Translation status