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Note: This is deprecated. Use or the repositories directly to update the translations.


This repository is providing translations ("localization") in terms of the Qt TS files of all components maintained by the LXQt project.

The transfer from the components' distinct repositories to this single one was made in order to ease handling the translations by systems like Pootle or Transifex which is the long-term goal.

Desktop Entry files (*.desktop) remain in the distinct components' repositories for the time being as these are not yet covered by Pootle or Transifex anyway.

There are two ways to make use of the translations summarized in this repository. Components can pull their translations from this repository at build time. This is what all components covered by this repository are doing by default right now. The repository can be built independently of the other components. This allows for building the translations without downloading at build time which in turn can mitigate restrictions of build systems. Building the repository that way can be favourable regarding performance as well as the repository itself is architecture agnostic so translations have to be built once only instead of one time per component and architecture. The repository can be built as a whole, splitting into several packages is possible as well.



Git, CMake, qttools and LXQt component lxqt-build-tools are needed to build translations from this repository, no matter whether components are pulling from this repository or the repository is built itself.

Pulling translations at build time

With regards to downstream packaging it's worth noting that the prerequisites stated above may have to be added to packages providing components like ComptonConf which don't need them at runtime and hence eventually didn't need them at all so far.

All components are by default pulling their translations at build time right now. This can be toggled by a boolean CMake variable PULL_TRANSLATIONS.

Building the repository itself

A selection which components shall be considered can be made by a boolean CMake variable WITH_<component>, e. g. WITH_LXQT_PANEL. It defaults to ON for all components included in this repository. CMake variable PULL_TRANSLATIONS as stated above has to be set to OFF in all components which are meant to be covered by repository lxqt-l10n as file conflicts will result otherwise.

To build run trias cmake, make and make install as usual. Make target install accepts a variable DESTDIR=<path>.

Note for packagers

To correctly run localized Qt application there is always good to have the Qt(core) translations installed. With them present in runtime we can avoid various misfunctionalities as e.g. not working shortcuts. Then for packager it is a good habit to state at least soft runtime dependency ("recommend") to Qt(core) translations for all packages made from this repository.


As tools like Pootle or Transifex haven't been implemented yet we have to ask users to take a not too convenient approach which involves dealing with local source code checkouts. It is depicted in wiki page Translation.