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Contributing to LXQt

The LXQt team is always looking for contributors. Everyone is welcome to join, whether they are a developer, translator or user.

Code contributions

LXQt uses Git as a version control system. All our code is available online ( Pull Requests directly from Github are accepted.

For more information on git, see the official website:

Please make sure you adhere to the project's styleguide when proposing changes.

A more in-depth document for aspiring contributors is located on the LXQt wiki:

Also see Github's guide on Contributing to Open Source:


We use Weblate for all our translations. QtLinguist will still work.

See further instructions in wiki page Translation.

Bug reports

All our issues are tracked on Github. Please file all general LXQt bug reports on the general LXQt bug tracker:

Some components and independent apps have their own issue tracker on GitHub:


For anything else, you can always drop by our Discussions and say hello!

If you prefer IRC, we also have the channels #lxqt and #lxqt-dev on