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Paulo Lieuthier edited this page Jun 16, 2016 · 8 revisions

Roadmap 0.11

Some of these carried over from 0.10.

  • Dependencies
  • Qt 5.4 required
  • CMake 3.0.2 required
  • C++11 support required
  • General
  • Improving dev documentation
  • Getting started in contributing
  • theming docs (@intialonso?)
  • Better roadmaps ;)
  • Fixing our man pages.
  • Auto update versions from cmake (@luis-pereira)
  • man syntax sucks. rst2man? (@jleclanche)
  • for everything!
  • libsysstat
  • Keep looking into dropping it in favour of libs we don't maintain.
  • globalkeys
  • look into kglobalaccel again
  • monitor config
  • talk to dvratil about adding gamma/brightness to libkscreen
  • Screen updates daemon (work with dvratil again)
  • libfm
  • Ships libfm-pref-apps and lxshortcut. That needs to be fixed.
  • lxqt-openssh-askpass: Look into merging with ksshaskpass again, or create a single app...
  • lxqt-admin
  • for the love of god we need to drop liboobs
  • lximage-qt
  • Make it suck a bit less. I'll do a ux pass on it (@jleclanche)
  • lxqt-panel
  • Third party plugins didnt happen for 0.10 :( We should make sure they do for 0.11+
  • lxqt-about: Would it make sense to merge it into lxqt-session?
  • Web services (@jleclanche)
  • https for all our domains (once LE applications go through)
  • Update screenshots, showcase themes?
  • Pootle. I'll give another shot at setting it up for qt now that 2.7.2 is out.
  • Mailing lists have to move to I'll think about it...

Roadmap 0.10

I'd like to increase our focus here. We don't have a lot of manpower and we should try to use it more efficiently. The modularity we have has the side effect of some modules bitrotting away.

  • Increase our usage of KF5 modules. We don't want to depend on everything and anything, but replacing an internal dependency by an external one (eg xrandr cli backend->kscreen; globalkeys -> kglobalaccel, etc) makes sense. Have to make sure that we're not introducing unnecessary dependencies downstream (and talk to incompetent package maintainers ;)).
  • Drop lxqt-openssh-askpass entirely, work with the ksshaskpass devs to make sure it can ship with very few deps. This just makes sense.
  • Proposed: Hand off obconf-qt to the Openbox team. It would receive more love there than it does here, and will promote the use of an official qt port of obconf rather than "some dead project". It would also potentially share translations with obconf.
  • Make our life simpler in lxqt-admin. Currently it's unpackageable because of the dead liboobs dependency. Let's solve this with systemd. If someone wants to write alternatives for those, they can feel free and we can have them under our umbrella even - but we're stretched thin and they're no good to us like this; right now, lxqt-admin is simply not shipped downstream.
  • Let's make 3rd party panel plugins a proper thing, with docs too. We have a lot of new panel plugins proposed but we need to be able to tell people how to make plugins without having to send them to us first. This will increase potential contributions.
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