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SDDM Configuration Editor
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SDDM Configuration Editor


This is to be a graphical editor for Simple Desktop Display Manager's configuration file. It is in early alpha.

There is a Ruby version and a C++ version of this program. They (should) have the same functionality. See their respective for specific information.


Apache 2.0


Run sddm-configuration-editor.

The program displays available settings with current values in its GUI. Gray (placeholder) text and gray checkboxes indicate default values. There are buttons to load settings from the system configuration file, and save settings to it.


Features / TODO

  • Display descriptions and default values of settings from sddm --example-config output
  • Display settings in system configuration file
  • Generate configuration file from settings in the GUI
  • Save generated configuration file to the system
  • Handle string, boolean and integer setting types
  • Handle enum setting types
  • Launch theme preview
  • Validate configuration file
  • Automatically generate configuration file when GUI settings change
  • Provide install scripts
  • Localization
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