LXRobotics P11 CNC Shield
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LXRobotics P11 CNC Shield

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


LXRobotics P11 CNC Shield


Until very recently the operation of CNC milling machines was reserved mainly for companies and individuals with large budget. However, in the last couple of years, an increasing trend towards self-made (DIY) CNC-milling machines could be observed. As a result from this observation LXRobotics developed the CNC Shield. The CNC-Shield is based on the grbl project, which allows the processing of gcode-control commands and generation of stepper motor control signals for a 3-axis CNC-milling machine with an Arduino Uno.

In order to demonstrate how easy a normal mill can be converted into a CNC mill we decided to convert the Proxxon MF70, a very popular milling machine amongst RC enthusiasts, into a full-fledged CNC-milling machine by using our CNC shield. The conversion with all necessary steps is well documented on our blog. Furthermore, extensive tutorials allow easy integration of our CNC shields in any DIY-CNC project.


  • Control of 3 bipolar stepper motors with 2.5 A phase current at a maximum of 35 V (e.g.: NEMA17)
  • Milling motor and coolant pump can be turned on/off via relays
  • Limit switch for X, Y and Z-axis can be attached
  • Cycle Start/Resume, Feed Hold and Reset/Abort switches can be attached
  • grbl-compatible
  • High qualits screw terminals for stable and durable connection of cables to the board
  • 8A Fuse on board


  • Active cooling of the stepper motor driver is recommended.