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LXRobotics P6 Funkshield
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LXRobotics P6 Funkshield

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


LXRobotics P6 Funkshield


The Radio Shield provides an easy way to enable wireless communication between two or more Arduinos. Additionally the Radioshield has a Childboard connector socket which allows the Radio Shield to be further upgraded with sensors/actuators, e.g. a gas sensor, temperature sensor or a relay switch. A possible application would be temperature monitoring of all rooms of a house/appartment and performing an efficient regulation of the heating based on the measured data. For an quick and easy start, a open source Arduino library with sample programs is available.


  • Enables easy wireless communication with other Arduinos
  • Usage of the popular RFM12B HF-Transceiver
  • Frequency range: 433 MHz ISM-Band
  • Childboard-Base for integration of further LXRobotics Childboards (e.g. gas sensor, temperature sensor, relay switch)
  • Antenna with 2dbi gain
  • Output power is selectable in 3 db steps ranging from 0 dbm to -21 dbm
  • Third-Party-Arduino Library available for control with example programms



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