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LXRobotics P12 Relay Shield
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LXRobotics P12 Relay Shield

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


LXRobotics P12 Relay Shield


The LXRobotics Relay Shield allows to independently switch up to different 4 loads. The switching of any relay is signalised by its own red status LED. High quality screw terminals ensure stable and durable connections. For an quick and easy start, a open source Arduino library with sample programs is available.


  • Potential-free switching of up to 4 different loads through 4 relays/contactors
  • Max. current per relay: 10 A
  • Max. voltage DC per relay: 24 V DC
  • Max voltage AC per relay: 250 V AC
  • Relay type: SPDT (Single Pole commutator)
  • Red LED's shows relay status (ON/OFF)
  • Optocouplers used to isolate relay circuit from Arduino
  • High quality screw terminals
  • Arduino Library with example programs is available on GitHub

ROS Package for P12 Relay Shield



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