Easy to use Geocoding tool for Excel.
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Excel Geocoding Tool

Easy to use Geocoding Tool for Excel. Download, enable macros, and add your own location data. Click Geocode All and you're done.


  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32bit/64bit) OR Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (Intel)
  • Excel 2003/2007/2010 OR Excel 2004/2011 for Mac


Simply download (https://github.com/maxrice/excel-geocoding-tool/blob/master/excel-geocoding-tool.xls) and run the Excel file. Make sure to enable macros and enter a proxy address if necessary.

Getting Started

See the excel file for basic instructions.


###3.5 - 4/21/13

  • Fix - Use Bing for geocoding now that Yahoo's PlaceFinder API was discontinued

###3.4.2 - 7/15/12

  • Feature - Added debug mode
  • Tweak - Removed string cache, as it was causing a fatal error in some Excel versions
  • Tweak - Refactored some code in preparation for v3.5 release
  • Fix - fixed url encoding bug that affected accuracy of locations

###3.4.1 - 5/17/12

  • Feature - Proxy support on Mac
  • Tweak - Code readability and variable declaration
  • Fix - fixed curl url encoding bug on mac
  • Misc - Added MIT License notice

###3.4 - 5/12/12

  • Feature - Now works on Mac! (proxy support on mac coming in next version)
  • Tweak - Simpler proxy setup
  • Tweak - New instructions
  • Fix - Removed Create KML functionality

###3.3 - 3/28/12

  • Feature - Added macro to clear all data entry fields
  • Feature - Added Geocode Not Found macro to only retry not found locations
  • Feature - Added Google Maps link generation
  • Feature - Added Proxy traversal
  • Feature - Ability to geocode place names (ex: "The White House") or ZIP codes via free-form location format
  • Feature - Ability to geocode international locations
  • Tweak - Modified Geocode Selected Row macro to clear lat data, enabling it to run again
  • Tweak - Modified Geocode All macro to clear entered data
  • Tweak - Removed Google Earth auto-start on export

###3.2 - 3/27/12

  • Tweak - Removed juice analytics logo and misc. extraneous code
  • Tweak - Removed beep on geocode
  • Tweak - Removed geocoder.us
  • Fix - Changed Yahoo API to Placefinder API
  • Fix - Removed mClipboard module to make compatible with 64bit systems
  • Fork - Initial fork (http://www.juiceanalytics.com/writing/excel-geocoding-tool-v2/)

##Want to contribute?

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Make your changes to the worksheets / modules
  3. Export any modules changed / added
  4. Commit and send a pull request

Contributors: juiceinc, maxrice, switchman2210