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layout: post
title: "Hello World"
author: "Landon"
All first ventures should start with hello world, right?<br />
<br />
I like following blogs, I like reading blogs. I don't really read "the news", or read long forms of prose any more (not that I don't want to, of course, if I just had the time...). I'm subscribed to roughly 100 different RSS feeds, spread across a huge range of posting schedules and topics. I've roughly divided these into "Comics", "News", "Course 2" (mechanical engineering for you non-MIT folk), "Photography", and "Art", plus a special one - "Blogs". Comics includes some standards like <a href="">xkcd</a>, <a href="">SMBC</a>, and <a href="">FoxTrot</a>. I read most of the things from this category pretty religiously, but they also usually take less than a minute to read. News is just <a href="">Engadget</a> and <a href="">Popsci</a> - I scan the headlines of these, and every now and then click through into an article. Most of the time, I've already seen anything particularly interesting on Reddit. Course 2 is basically just <a href="">Hackaday</a> - I also read the headlines, but am much more likely to actually open up an article and give it a read. Every now and then my friends have projects featured, which is exciting. Photography could probably use a bit more organization - I have both photo sites, like <a href="">500px</a>, and photography news sites, like <a href="">Nikon Rumors</a>. I think my favorite from this section is the <a href="">LensRentals blog</a>, which is by far the best source of actual technical data on lenses. Art is a few particular art blogs, most of which don't post frequently (maybe a couple times a year).<br />
<br />
Finally, there's Blogs. I have by far the biggest set of subscriptions, and the biggest variety.<br />
<br />
I have a confession to make - if I know you, and if you've ever posted a link to your blog on Facebook, I probably subscribed, and probably put it in this folder. I read most of the articles here, though if they're clearly more private/personal, I'm respectful of that. I have a lot of friends that do a lot of awesome things, and I've found blogs to be the best way to keep track of them all. To highlight a few that I think are intended for a more public audience:<br />
<br />
<li><a href=""></a> - Charles Guan's site of robots, interesting vans, flying contraptions, motor controllers, and silly electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Charles posts pretty frequently, but his <a href="">series on CMV</a> is probably my favorite.</li>
<li><a href="">Buildits</a> - Ben Katz's site of robots and motor controllers. Ben is one of the most legit engineers I know, and everything he builds is a work of art, and excellently documented. Ben recently <a href="">collaborated</a> with another friend, Jared DiCarlo, to beat the robotic Rubik's cube solve record by almost a factor of 2.</li>
<li><a href="">PJ</a> - PJ is a designer friend that has the most aesthetically pleasing, beautifully documented photo/travel blogs I've ever encountered. She hasn't posted all that much recently, but some of her <a href="">blog</a> <a href="">posts</a> about traveling to <a href="">Santorini</a> were stunning.</li>
<li><a href="">MIT Admissions</a> - I used to follow this religiously as a high schooler, but have found it to be less interesting than experiencing things around MIT myself. That said, it's still a smorgasbord of interesting content. I particularly love the recent <a href="">Pi Day video</a>.</li>
<br />
There's also dozens more blogs that are less active, or less public and more personal, and to each of those authors that I know, thank you for writing. I may not be the intended audience for many of you, but I appreciate the glimpse into your many vibrant lives.<br />
<br />
What do I hope to accomplish with this blog? I'm not quite sure. I take a lot of <a href="">photos</a>, which can be interesting to write about, and I really like cameras - I have more than I know what to do with. I also have a lot of thoughts on more technical aspects of photography. I started cooking more recently now that I've had free time, so Lauren said I should make a cooking blog.&nbsp;&nbsp;Every now and then I like to make <a href="">videos</a>, and I've even thought about making a Youtube channel, but editing videos is a lot of work. Editing blog posts is a lot less work. Let's try dipping our toes in before making the plunge. I have lots of thoughts about <a href="">2.009</a> (and then later TA'ing it), lots of other MIT classes, and MIT in general. I also like consuming other media - movies, anime, a few TV shows, short films, blog posts, Reddit, Youtube - I wouldn't mind reviewing them or compiling them on occasion. Every now and then I travel, which seems to be popular for bloggers. I also have an endless list of personal projects that I'm planning or working on. Right now I'm waiting on parts for a custom glasses case I designed.<br />
<br />
Most likely, this blog will be a wide sampling of my interests, and each post will be a snapshot of my thoughts or progress on them. You're welcome to follow along :)
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p {
margin: 0 0 1rem;
text-align: justify;
line-height: 1.6rem;
a:hover {
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layout: post
title: "About"
author: "Chester"
author: "Landon"
permalink: /about/
A friend of mine writes short stories. One sunny day, I asked if he wanted a website to showcase his works and he agreed. I decided to use GitHub Pages to host his site. That way he wouldn't have to buy a domain and a server.
## Hello!
While doing some research up on GitHub Pages, I accidentally chanced upon this _simple, blog-aware, static site generator_ called [Jekyll]( which works really well with GitHub Pages. I figured it would do just fine for my friend and I set about searching for a pretty theme. I wanted a theme with a _book-ish_ vibe. Unfortunately, most of the themes were too modern. Eventually, I caved and begun working on my own theme. With the help of [Poole](, the Jekyll Butler, I was able to build **Tale**.
A lot of my friends have blogs, why not me too? I explain a bit more on my [Hello World]({{ site.baseurl }}{% post_url 2018-03-07-hello-world %}) post, so probably read that first.
## Contribute
Feel free to create an issue or make a pull request on [GitHub](
This blog may contain content on photography, machining, coding, baking, cooking, MIT, or anything else I decide is interesting. Feel free to follow along :)
Thanks for reading!
### Some technical stuff/"colophon"
I really like the Colophon section in [Technique](, which lists a bunch of historical/technical things. I'm probably the only one that actually reads it, but that's fine. (Disclaimer: I don't guarantee to keep this up to date).
Shutter Clicks is my personal site/blog. I use my block-style watermark as the favicon, which I created in (probably?) 2015, and usually watermark photos with in the bottom-left corner.
Shutter Clicks is a static [Jekyll]( site hosted on [Github Pages](
Headings are typeset in [Roboto](, and body text is typeset in [Libre Baskerville]( The footer and other secondary serif text is typeset in [Palantino](, and monospace text is typeset in [Menlo](
Most of these were the default values included with [Tale](, the Jekyll theme I have adapted for Shutter Clicks.

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