A virtual machine for the Epiphany processor architecture on Parallella boards.
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            == ParaVM: Parallella Virtual Machine ==

                -- Introduction --

ParaVM is a virtual machine written specifically for the Epiphany processor
achitecture. More specifically, it is meant to run on a 'regular' host CPU
(such as x86 or ARM) where it compiles code (in a JIT fashion) to Epiphany
machine code that is executed on Epiphany accelerator cores in an isolated
way similar to the concurrency model employed by Erlang. One such system is
the Parallella board which ParaVM is primarily written for.

For further information, see:

      - Licensing and copyright information.
      - Supported compilers, architectures, operating systems, etc.
      - Instructions on building and installing ParaVM.
      - Names and contact information for ParaVM developers.
      - Notes and guidelines for contributors.

You can reach the ParaVM community in several ways:

    * IRC channels
      - #lycus @ irc.oftc.net
      - #paravm @ irc.oftc.net
    * Mailing lists
      - lycus-announce: http://groups.google.com/group/lycus-announce
      - lycus-discuss: http://groups.google.com/group/lycus-discuss
      - lycus-develop: http://groups.google.com/group/lycus-develop