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ePCA implementation, as described in "ePCA: High Dimensional Exponential Family PCA"
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Software implementation for ePCA and denoising as described in the paper:

  • Lydia T. Liu, Edgar Dobriban and Amit Singer. ePCA: High Dimensional Exponential Family PCA. Ann. Appl. Stat., Volume 12, Number 4 (2018), 2121-2150.

The manuscript is also available on arXiv.


  • software/ : software for applying ePCA on one's own datasets. In particular, exp_fam_pca.m implements ePCA and wiener_filter.m implements the generalized wiener filter (or EBLP) for denoising, as introduced in the aforementioned paper.
  • experiments/ : scripts for reproducing experimental results in the aforementioned paper. Large datasets are excluded.


MATLAB. No other downloads are required.


This implementation uses standard_spiked_forward.m from EigenEdge.

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