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package authn
// <!-- START clutchdoc -->
// description: Produces tokens for the configured OIDC provider.
// <!-- END clutchdoc -->
import (
authnmodulev1 ""
authnv1 ""
const Name = "clutch.service.authn"
// AlwaysAllowedMethods is a list of method patterns that are always open and not blocked by authn or authz.
// TODO(maybe): convert this to an API annotation or make configurable on the middleware that use the list.
var AlwaysAllowedMethods = []string{
func New(cfg *anypb.Any, logger *zap.Logger, scope tally.Scope) (service.Service, error) {
config := &authnv1.Config{}
if err := cfg.UnmarshalTo(config); err != nil {
return nil, err
tokenStorage, _ := service.Registry[StorageName].(Storage) // Ignoring 'ok', nil allowed.
switch t := config.Type.(type) {
case *authnv1.Config_Oidc:
return NewOIDCProvider(context.Background(), config, tokenStorage)
return nil, fmt.Errorf("authn provider type '%T' not implemented", t)
// Standardized representation of a user's claims.
type Claims struct {
// Groups could be derived from the token or an external mapping.
Groups []string `json:"grp,omitempty"`
type Provider interface {
GetStateNonce(redirectURL string) (string, error)
ValidateStateNonce(state string) (redirectURL string, err error)
Verify(ctx context.Context, rawIDToken string) (*Claims, error)
GetAuthCodeURL(ctx context.Context, state string) (string, error)
Exchange(ctx context.Context, code string) (token *oauth2.Token, err error)
type Issuer interface {
// CreateToken creates a new OAuth2 for the provided subject with the provided expiration. If expiry is nil,
// the token will never expire.
CreateToken(ctx context.Context, subject string, tokenType authnmodulev1.CreateTokenRequest_TokenType, expiry *time.Duration) (token *oauth2.Token, err error)
RefreshToken(ctx context.Context, token *oauth2.Token) (*oauth2.Token, error)
type Service interface {
TokenReader // Read calls are proxied through the IssuerProvider so the token can be refreshed if needed.
type TokenReader interface {
Read(ctx context.Context, userID, provider string) (*oauth2.Token, error)
type TokenStorer interface {
Store(ctx context.Context, userID, provider string, token *oauth2.Token) error
type Storage interface {