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package topology
import (
topologyv1cfg ""
topologyv1 ""
pgservice ""
const Name = "clutch.service.topology"
type Service interface {
GetTopology(ctx context.Context) error
Search(ctx context.Context, search *topologyv1.SearchRequest) ([]*topologyv1.Resource, string, error)
Autocomplete(ctx context.Context, typeURL, search string, limit uint64, caseSensitive bool) ([]*topologyv1.Resource, error)
type client struct {
config *topologyv1cfg.Config
db *sql.DB
log *zap.Logger
scope tally.Scope
cacheTTL time.Duration
batchInsertSize int
batchInsertFlush time.Duration
// CacheableTopology is implemented by a service that wishes to enable the topology API feature set
// By implementing this interface the topology service will automatically setup all services which implement it.
// Automatically ingesting Resource objects via the `GetTopologyObjectChannel()` function.
// This enables users to make use of the Topology APIs with these new Topology Resources.
type CacheableTopology interface {
CacheEnabled() bool
// Notably the cache TTL is provided, this information can be used to ensure
// all active resources are added to the cache more often than the cache TTL.
StartTopologyCaching(ctx context.Context, ttl time.Duration) (<-chan *topologyv1.UpdateCacheRequest, error)
func New(cfg *any.Any, logger *zap.Logger, scope tally.Scope) (service.Service, error) {
topologyConfig := &topologyv1cfg.Config{}
err := cfg.UnmarshalTo(topologyConfig)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
p, ok := service.Registry[pgservice.Name]
if !ok {
return nil, errors.New("Please config the datastore [clutch.service.db.postgres] to use the topology service")
dbClient, ok := p.(pgservice.Client)
if !ok {
return nil, errors.New("Unable to get the datastore client")
c := &client{
config: topologyConfig,
db: dbClient.DB(),
log: logger,
scope: scope,
if topologyConfig.Cache == nil {
c.log.Info("Topology caching is disabled")
return c, nil
c.batchInsertSize = int(c.config.Cache.BatchInsertSize)
// If TTL is not set default to two hours
c.cacheTTL = time.Hour * 2
if c.config.Cache.Ttl != nil {
c.cacheTTL = c.config.Cache.Ttl.AsDuration()
// Default flush to 10 seconds
c.batchInsertFlush = time.Second * 10
if c.config.Cache.BatchInsertFlush != nil {
c.batchInsertFlush = c.config.Cache.BatchInsertFlush.AsDuration()
ctx, ctxCancelFunc := context.WithCancel(context.Background())
sigc := make(chan os.Signal, 1)
go func() {
c.log.Info("Caught shutdown signal, shutting down topology caching and releasing advisory lock")
c.log.Info("Topology caching is enabled")
go c.acquireTopologyCacheLock(ctx)
return c, nil
func (c *client) GetTopology(ctx context.Context) error {
return nil
func (c *client) Search(ctx context.Context, req *topologyv1.SearchRequest) ([]*topologyv1.Resource, string, error) {
query, nextPageToken, err := paginatedQueryBuilder(
if err != nil {
return nil, "", err
rows, err := query.RunWith(c.db).Query()
if err != nil {
return nil, "", err
defer rows.Close()
results := []*topologyv1.Resource{}
for rows.Next() {
var id string
var data []byte
var metadata []byte
if err := rows.Scan(&id, &data, &metadata); err != nil {
c.log.Error("Error scanning row", zap.Error(err))
return nil, "", err
var dataAny any.Any
if err := protojson.Unmarshal(data, &dataAny); err != nil {
c.log.Error("Error unmarshaling data field", zap.Error(err))
return nil, "", err
var metadataMap map[string]*structpb.Value
if err := json.Unmarshal(metadata, &metadataMap); err != nil {
c.log.Error("Error unmarshaling metadata", zap.Error(err))
return nil, "", err
results = append(results, &topologyv1.Resource{
Id: id,
Pb: &dataAny,
Metadata: metadataMap,
// Rows.Err will report the last error encountered by Rows.Scan.
if err := rows.Err(); err != nil {
c.log.Error("Error processing rows for topology search query", zap.Error(err))
return nil, "", err
// if their are no results then set the next page to nil
nextPageTokenStr := ""
if len(results) > 0 {
nextPageTokenStr = strconv.FormatUint(nextPageToken, 10)
return results, nextPageTokenStr, nil
func (c *client) Autocomplete(ctx context.Context, typeURL, search string, limit uint64, caseSensitive bool) ([]*topologyv1.Resource, error) {
searchRequest := &topologyv1.SearchRequest{
PageToken: "0",
Limit: limit,
Sort: &topologyv1.SearchRequest_Sort{
Direction: topologyv1.SearchRequest_Sort_ASCENDING,
Field: "",
Filter: &topologyv1.SearchRequest_Filter{
TypeUrl: typeURL,
Search: &topologyv1.SearchRequest_Filter_Search{
Field: "",
Text: search,
CaseSensitive: caseSensitive,
results, _, err := c.Search(ctx, searchRequest)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return results, err