A tool for linting storyboard and xib files
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The xiblint script will test .xib and .storyboard files for compliance with best practices and team policies.

The linter messages contain the position within the XML files, and if applicable, an Object ID which can be used in conjunction with Xcode's Find in Workspace to jump to the problematic object in the .xib or .storyboard file.


  • accessibility_format

    Checks for incorrect use of Lyft extensions accessibilityFormat and accessibilitySources.

  • accessibility_labels_for_images

    Checks for images with accessibility enabled and no accessibility label. In this case, VoiceOver will announce the image asset's name, which might be unwanted.

  • accessibility_labels_for_image_buttons

    Checks for image buttons with no accessibility label. In this case, VoiceOver will announce the image asset's name, which might be unwanted.

  • accessibility_labels_for_text_with_placeholder

    Checks for text fields and views with a placeholder and no accessibility label. This addresses common confusion about placeholderText coming instead of accessibilityLabel.

  • autolayout_frames

    Checks for ambiguous and misplaced views.

  • automation_identifiers

    Makes sure that interactive views have accessibility identifiers, to support testing through UI Automation.

  • automation_identifiers_for_outlet_labels

    Checks for labels with outlets into a view controller that have no accessibility identifiers. Labels with outlets might get dynamic text, and therefore should be accessible to UI testing.

  • no_trait_variations

    Ensures Trait Variations are disabled.

  • simulated_metrics_retina4_0

    Ensures simulated metrics are for the iPhone SE, which is currently the smallest display profile.

  • no_view_controller_links_to_other_bundles

    Ensures there are no links to other storyboards in different bundles.

  • strict_font_names

    Ensures all fonts are in an allowed set. Configure allowed_fonts and allow_system_fonts (default is true) in a custom rule configuration using rules_config (see below).

  • unavailable_custom_classes

    Prevent a list of classes from appearing as custom classes. Configure custom_classes in a custom rule configuration using rules_config (see below). This is a mapping of the full name of the class (ModuleName.ClassName) to the suggested replacement.

  • unavailable_system_classes

    Ensures a system type uses a set of custom clases. Configure system_classes in a custom rule configuration using rules_config (see below).


For a list of available rules, run xiblint -h.

Place a configuration file named .xiblint.json into the root of your source repository. A sample configuration file would be:

  "rules": [
  "paths": {
    "Pods": {
      "rules": []
    "InaccessibleFeature": {
      "excluded_rules": [
    "Modules": {
      "rules": ["some_rule"],
      "rules_config": {
        "some_rule": {
          "some_rule_specific_option": true

Then simply invoke xiblint in the source repository.


If you find yourself in need of a different structure of the output, there is the --reporter option. You are able to choose from the default one, raw, or a json one. To switch between them, use the following:

xiblint --reporter json
xiblint --reporter raw

Specyfing paths

Sometimes you want to lint only a few files and forget about the rest - for instance, when you want to lint only delta changes. For this case you can specify your files after the xiblint command:

xiblint "Project/Base.lproj/LaunchScreen.storyboard" "Project/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard"

If you want to combine paths with the reporter option, don't forget to put the option before listing the paths:

xiblint --reporter json "Project/Base.lproj/LaunchScreen.storyboard" "Project/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard"


Using pip:

pip install xiblint


git clone https://github.com/lyft/xiblint.git
cd xiblint && python setup.py install


Code of conduct

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