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CSS PhotoEditor for iOS6

CSS PhotoEditor is a test site for new features that will be installed in iOS6. This site has actually tried CSS Filters and Input[type="file"].

Features and Help

Image Filters

When you tap the filter menu in the footer, the slider for the input values ​​will be displayed. The nine types of filters - Saturate, Brightness, Contrast, Hue Rotate, Invert, Blur, Sepia, Grayscale and Opacity.

File Upload

When you tap the 'photo' in the footer, you can select and upload photos.

Filter Reset

If you want to reset the filter, please tap the refresh button in the upper left.

Landscape Mode

This app is also compatible with landscape view.If you want to edit a photo landscape, you may want to use this mode.

Capture Mode

Sorry, this app will not be able to save the edited image. But there is the mode for you to take a screen capture. Please double-tap a photo to start it.

Full Screen Web App

This app supported the standalone mode, of course. If you want to use it, please add to Home Screen.

Filter Param List

This is the feature for PC. When you click the Home button on the iPhone that is displayed in the browser, the list is displayed.

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