Example Titanium project that uses Google Analytics to track page views
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Welcome to the Titanium Mobile Google Analytics Example Project

I started this project by creating a Titanium Module for wrapping 
the Google Analytics SDK iOS static library. However that effort 
faild; due to using the sql dynamic library 3.0. I just could not get it working!

So, I rolled out the functionality directly in Titanium.

It works exacly the same by tracking pageviews in a database and periodically sending them to Google
Analytics, if and when a network conection is available.

Note: To make sure that the database does not get flooded with data it holds a max of 1000 events.
This also helps load when it sends the events to Google. Once the event is sent to Google it is ejected
from the database.

To use: all you need is the analytics.js file and follow the examples in the app.js.

WARNING: Although I've writen the "trackEvent" function, I haven't updated the Google Analytics
parameters to handle traking of events....ie. I still need to finish this off! :)

From Google: You must indicate to your users, either in the application itself or in your 
terms of service, that you reserve the right to anonymously track and report a user's activity 
inside of your app.

I hope some people find this useful.


Copyright (c) 2010 by Roger Chapman. All Rights Reserved.

This code is licensed under the MIT License. Please
see the LICENSE file for the full license.