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{-# LANGUAGE GADTs, TypeFamilies, TemplateHaskell, QuasiQuotes, FlexibleInstances, StandaloneDeriving #-}
import Control.Monad.IO.Class (liftIO)
import Database.Groundhog.TH
import Database.Groundhog.Sqlite
data Artist = Artist { artistName :: String } deriving (Eq, Show)
data Album = Album { albumName :: String} deriving (Eq, Show)
-- We cannot use regular deriving because when it works, the Key Eq and Show instances for (DefaultKey Album) are not created yet
data Track = Track { albumTrack :: DefaultKey Album, trackName :: String }
deriving instance Eq Track
deriving instance Show Track
-- It is phantom datatype of the ArtistName unique key. Usually they are generated by Template Haskell, but we define it manually to use in ArtistAlbum datatype
data ArtistName v where
ArtistName :: ArtistName (UniqueMarker Artist)
-- Many-to-many relation.
data ArtistAlbum = ArtistAlbum {artist :: Key Artist (Unique ArtistName), album :: DefaultKey Album }
deriving instance Eq ArtistAlbum
deriving instance Show ArtistAlbum
mkPersist defaultCodegenConfig [groundhog|
- entity: Artist
constrName: AutoKey
default: false # Defines if this key is used when an entity is stored directly, for example, data Ref = Ref Artist
- name: ArtistName
default: true
- name: Artist
- name: ArtistName
# Optional parameter type can be constraint (by default), index, or primary
type: constraint
fields: [artistName]
- entity: Album
- entity: Track
- name: Track
- name: albumTrack
# Configure actions on parent table changes
onDelete: cascade
onUpdate: restrict
- entity: ArtistAlbum
autoKey: null # Disable creation of the autoincrement integer key
- name: ArtistAlbumKey
default: true
- name: ArtistAlbum
- name: ArtistAlbumKey
fields: [artist, album]
main :: IO ()
main = withSqliteConn ":memory:" $ runDbConn $ do
let artists = [Artist "John Lennon", Artist "George Harrison"]
imagineAlbum = Album "Imagine"
runMigration $ do
migrate (undefined :: ArtistAlbum)
migrate (undefined :: Track)
mapM_ insert artists
imagineKey <- insert imagineAlbum
let tracks = map (Track imagineKey) ["Imagine", "Crippled Inside", "Jealous Guy", "It's So Hard", "I Don't Want to Be a Soldier, Mama, I Don't Want to Die", "Gimme Some Truth", "Oh My Love", "How Do You Sleep?", "How?", "Oh Yoko!"]
mapM_ insert tracks
mapM_ (\artist -> insert $ ArtistAlbum (extractUnique artist) imagineKey) artists
-- print first 3 tracks from any album with John Lennon
[albumKey'] <- project AlbumField $ (ArtistField ==. ArtistNameKey "John Lennon") `limitTo` 1
-- order by primary key
tracks' <- select $ (AlbumTrackField ==. albumKey') `orderBy` [Desc AutoKeyField] `limitTo` 3
liftIO $ print tracks'
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