A demo app to demonstrate Wakanda Server interaction through terminal and text.
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Wakanda Server Waltz

This example project shows some of the features of the Wakanda Server.

The intent of this example project is to highlight the use of Wakanda Server without the need for Wakanda Studio, or the "higher level" of the Wakanda Application Framework (WAF).

This example shows off our new Model API curently in development (included in Wakanda 4) to create or extend the server data model.

Development Build Only

You will need to run a development build of wakanda to run this example. I have been using Dev Build 0.125861 (Jan 25th 2013)

Though we are moving forward on getting everything working without the need for our Wakanda Studio, I develop with Studio and my standard editor. If you are running on OS X or Windows and don't mind a bigger download - go ahead and try out our Studio - it has grown on me with use.

All in One

Wakanda Server Only

Documentation for Wakanda

The Model API documentation covers this content pretty well.

Running the Server from Command Line

The documentation covers Launching Wakanda Server using a Command Line

Here is the basics:

Wakanda_server_name [solution_path] [--admin-port=http_port_number] [--admin-ssl-port=http_port_number] [--debug-off]