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Fix geek URLs #10

merged 1 commit into from

2 participants


Added al for Alan
Added Brian for...

@briancordanyoung briancordanyoung Fix geek URLs
Added al for Alan
Added Brian for...
@lyle lyle merged commit 8bccb8d into lyle:master
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Commits on Dec 12, 2013
  1. @briancordanyoung

    Fix geek URLs

    briancordanyoung authored
    Added al for Alan
    Added Brian for...
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  1. +2 −0  config/routes.rb
2  config/routes.rb
@@ -109,8 +109,10 @@
match '/lyle' => redirect("/geeks/lyle")
match '/ben' => redirect("/geeks/ben")
match '/alan' => redirect("/geeks/alan")
+ match '/al' => redirect("/geeks/alan")
match '/lindsey' => redirect("/geeks/lindsey")
match '/rick' => redirect("/geeks/rick")
+ match '/brian' => redirect("/geeks/brian")
match '/alex' => redirect("/geeks/alex")
match '/john' => redirect("/geeks/john")
match '/users' => redirect("/geeks")
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