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A console-based blackjack game with full, customizable ruleset - including multiple hands. Four AI opponents with unique playstyles.
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Blackjack Console Game

Special Features

  • Visual interface shows all player's current cards, scores, wagers, and wallets.
  • Supports all major casino house rules, with option to turn them off individually
  • Supports all player actions (hit, stand, double, or split)
  • Quick start option if you want to jump straight to a default game


  • Up to 4 human players can play at once, as well as multiple computer players

AI Support

  • There are other gamblers waiting for you at the table!
    • Eddie: A gambling addict on tilt who bets big and isn't happy until he's got a 19 or higher
    • The Duchess: A rich old lady who plays conservatively but bets huge
    • Tommy, Robbie, and Jason: Three kids in a trench coat who have snuck in to play. They have no idea what they're doing, act randomly, and bet wildly.
    • Dougie Jones: Compulsive gambler and philandering husband, or former FBI agent and Tibetan zen master? Who can really say. Either way, his friends from the Black Lodge help him see what the next card is. Serve up some cherry pie and put on the coffee, boys, 'cause it's going to be a long night. You'll never see him bust, and he only doubles when he's sure he's going to get a 20 or higher.
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