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(ns todo.list
(:use-macros [c2.util :only [p pp bind!]])
(:use [c2.core :only [unify]])
(:require [todo.core :as core]
[c2.dom :as dom]
[c2.event :as event]
[clojure.string :as str]))
(defn todo*
"Todo item template"
(let [{:keys [completed? title editing?]} t]
[:li {:class (str/join " " [(when completed? "completed")
(when editing? "editing")])}
[:input.toggle {:type "checkbox"
:properties {:checked completed?}}]
[:label title]
[:input.edit {:value title}]]))
(bind! "#main"
[:section#main {:style {:display (when (zero? (core/todo-count)) "none")}}
[:input#toggle-all {:type "checkbox"
:properties {:checked (every? :completed? @core/!todos)}}]
[:label {:for "toggle-all"} "Mark all as complete"]
[:ul#todo-list (unify (case @core/!filter
:active (remove :completed? @core/!todos)
:completed (filter :completed? @core/!todos)
;;default to showing all events
;;If the application state changes, check to see if it's because a todo is being edited.
;;If so, focus on that input element.
(add-watch core/!todos :focus-editing
(fn []
(if-let [$input (dom/select ".editing input.edit")]
(.focus $input))))
(bind! "#footer"
[:footer#footer {:style {:display (when (zero? (core/todo-count)) "none")}}
(let [items-left (core/todo-count false)]
[:b items-left]
(str " item" (if (= 1 items-left) "" "s") " left")])
(unify [:all :active :completed]
(fn [type]
[:a {:class (if (= type @core/!filter) "selected" "")
:href (str "#/" (name type))}
(core/capitalize (name type))]])
:force-update? true)]
{:style {:display (when (zero? (core/todo-count true)) "none")}}
"Clear completed (" (core/todo-count true) ")"]])
;;Todo event handlers
(event/on "#todo-list" ".toggle" :click
(fn [d _ e]
(let [checked? (.-checked (.-target e))]
(core/check-todo! d checked?))))
(event/on "#todo-list" ".destroy" :click
(fn [d] (core/clear-todo! d)))
(event/on "#todo-list" :dblclick
(fn [d] (core/edit-todo! d)))
(let [edit-todo! (fn [d e]
(let [new-title (dom/val (.-target e))]
(if (= "" new-title)
(core/clear-todo! d)
(core/replace-todo! d
(-> d
(assoc :title new-title)
(dissoc :editing?))))))]
(event/on "#todo-list" ".edit" :blur
(fn [d _ e]
(edit-todo! d e))
;;Blur events don't bubble up the DOM, so we need to tell the listener to grab 'em in the capture phase
:capture true)
(event/on "#todo-list" ".edit" :keypress
(fn [d _ e]
(when (= :enter (core/evt->key e))
(edit-todo! d e)))))
;;Control event handlers
(event/on-raw "#toggle-all" :click
(fn [e]
(let [checked? (.-checked (.-target e))]
(core/check-all! checked?))))
(event/on-raw "#clear-completed" :click
(let [$todo-input (dom/select "#new-todo")]
(event/on-raw $todo-input :keypress
(fn [e]
(when (= :enter (core/evt->key e))
(core/add-todo! (dom/val $todo-input))
(dom/val $todo-input "")))))