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I have added a todo project that was implemented using javelin using a pure clojurescript approach.

This differs from hlisp-javelin implementation as it does not embed any code within the HTML code itself. It is more suitable in situations where the design template should have as little code as possible.

Squashed here for you to verify. Demo can be found here:

@priornix priornix Added javelin implementation
Minor fixes to the documentation

Minor fix

Corrected typo

I noticed a typo error in, and have created a new squash at priornix@8820bd4. Let me know when you're ready and I'll create a new pull request. Thanks!


Thanks Priornix; I'll take a look and let you know if it passes the spec.

In the mean time, @micha, @alandipert, you guys have any comments as to whether this is idiomatic javelin use?


Nice work @priornix! Ship it, I say.


Everything works great. I don't like the dependency on SNAPSHOT jars, but that's outside of your control.
Maybe once @alandipert and @micha peg a stable release of Javelin and the Prismatic guys do the same, you can send another pull updating the project.clj.

In any case, thanks!

@lynaghk lynaghk merged commit e123bac into lynaghk:master Mar 28, 2013

@lynaghk wilco re: SNAPSHOTs

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